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Meet the management team

ZCCM-IH is run on a day-to-day basis by a dedicated multi-disciplinary management team. The most apparent attribute of the team is its heterogeneous composition and cohesive nature. Each member of the team brings varied but complimentary skills that range from mining and chemical engineering, economics, project management, corporate finance, banking to investment appraisal and management. In essence, the skills set reinforces and mirrors the Company’s commitment to fulfilling an important role in Zambia’s economy.

The following is the composition of the management team:

Dr. Pius C Kasolo

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kasolo joined the Company in October 2014. He holds a PhD in Economic Geology from the University of Southampton…

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Mr. Mabvuto Chipata

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Chipata joined the Company in July 2012. He has worked as Finance Director for Zambia Postal Services Corporation; Managing Director…

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Mr. Chabby Chabala

Company Secretary & Chief Corporate Services Officer

Mr. Chabala joined the Company in June 2006 as Corporate Services Officer, and was in April 2010 appointed the…

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Mr. Situmbeko C Mubano

Acting Chief Investments Officer

Mr. Mubano joined the company in May 2007 as an Investments Analysts. He started his career at the Lusaka Stock Exchange as a Graduate Assistant…

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Ms. Wabei Mangambwa

Chief Risk & Internal Audit Officer

Ms. Mangambwa has been heading the Risk and Internal Audit function of ZCCM-IH since November 2010 and has…

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Ms. Yadika Mkandawire

General Counsel

Ms. Mkandawire is a General Counsel of ZCCM-IH. She joined the Company in November 2011. She has worked as a State Advocate in the Attorney…

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Mr. Wilphred K Katoto

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Katoto is the Chief Technical Officer at ZCCM-IH. He has over 30 years of experience working in the mining industry in various capacities. He first joined…

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Mrs. Matildah M.P. Lyama

Business Development Manager

Mrs. Matildah M.P. Lyama is a Business Development Manager of ZCCM-IH. She joined the Company in November 2014. Before becoming a Business Development…

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Mr. Lombe Mbalashi

Property Manager

Mr. Mbalashi joined the Company in February 2009 as Legal Officer Compliance and Conveyancing. He previously worked at the Firm…

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Mrs. Loisa Mbatha-Kakoma

Public Relations Manager

Mrs. Mbatha-Kakoma is a communication and media professional with over eight (8) years of experience in her field. She has a strong educational and academic…

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Mr. Patson Banda

Human Resources Manager

Mr. Banda joined ZCCM-IH in March 2014. He started his career with the then Government Consultancy Service…

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Mrs. Yendeka C Banda

Finance Manager

Mrs. Yendeka C. Banda has 14 years of experience in finance. She began her professional career in 2002 as an…

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Eng. Moses Chilambe

Technical Manager

Eng. Moses Chilambe is the Technical Manager at ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc (ZCCM-IH). He was appointed to this…

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Energy & Coal

Significant investment in the power sector through a Company that supplies power to all the major mines in Zambia.