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Annual Report Summaries, Investee Companies

Investrust Bank PLC Extract from 2021 Annual Report 

Over the twelve-month period ended 31 December 2021, the Bank’s financial performance 

indicated an improvement as compared to the prior period, with year-to-date operational 

profits of ZMW15.07 million (December 2020: Loss of ZMW57.58 million) The improvement is 

attributed to the Bank successfully implementing the principal initiatives in its turnaround plan 

and the ZMW286 million capital injection from ZCCM-IH. 

ZCCM-IH, alongside other key stakeholders in Investrust, have continued to make efforts to fully 

recapitalise the Bank in order to make it competitive and enable it to play its rightful role in the 

Zambian financial sector. 

The Bank’s share price on the Lusaka Securities Exchange closed the period under review at 

ZMW15 (2020: ZMW12). 

There were no dividends declared during the period under review (December 2020: Nil). 

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