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CEC acquires 60% shares in Nigerian energy company

A JOINT venture company where Copperbelt Energy Corporation ( CEC) has 50 per cent shareholding has acquired 60 per cent interest in the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company that supplies power to over 10 million people in Nigeria.

KANN Utility Limited is a joint venture company between CEC Plc and XerXes Global Limited and was confirmed as the preferred bidder to acquire Abuja Electricity Distribution Company ( AEDC) in November 2012 following rigorous international bidding process.

According to information released by CEC Plc yesterday and also posted on the Lusaka Stock Exchange ( LuSE) website, the consideration payable for the 60 per cent interest in Abuja Electricity Development Company ( AEDC) is US$ 164 million, out of which 25 per cent ( US$ 41 million) is payable within 15 days of signing the agreement, with the balance of 75 per cent ( US$ 123 million) payable after six months.

The financing plan for the acquisition has been developed with Standard Bank of South Africa. The transaction is expected to be finalised and shares transferred when the final payment is made ( anticipated August 2013).

During the interim period, preparations will be made to take over the management of AEDC and CEC Plc would be the operator of AEDC, which has a franchise for distributing electricity in four states, comprising the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, Niger State, Kogi State and Nasarawa State, which has a combined population of 10.5 million people in 2.3 million households.

AEDC purchases power from the Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Plc and is connected to various power generation plants by the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

Nigeria has one of the worst electricity distribution records in the world with almost each household and business entity having a back- up generator.

Source: Mining News Zambia

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