Kabundi Resources Ltd

. Product/Service Manganese ore
. Shareholding ZCCM-IH 100%
. Sector Mining
. Location Kabundi, Serenje, Central Province
. Website  

Key Company Highlights

ZCCM-IH holds a Large Scale Exploration Licence in Serenje District of the Central Province of Zambia. The total surface area for the licence is 901 km² is for exploration for commodities which include manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, limestone and precious minerals. The licence was issued in March 2017 and is renewable up to March 2027.
RESOURCE ESTIMATION: The total explored area is less than 2% of the total licence. ZCCM-IH has conducted exploration works within 4km², particularly 450m has been drilled within the proposed small scale licence area. Results for resource estimation from the diamond drilling is in progress and expected to be finalised by end of May 2019. ZCCM-IH intends to expand the exploration works to other areas of the licence for manganese and cobalt mineralization.

Exploration over a small scale licence area has been done, with an approximate investment of $500,000.00. The next stage is mining and production earmarked to start in the next few months. The manganese mining operation will be over the explored small scale area. This will be done through a 100% ZCCM-IH owned SPV – Kabundi Resources Ltd – that will outsource the mining to an operator. Planned production capacity is 20, 000 tonnes per month.
ORE GRADE: Approximately an average of 45% manganese.

Serenje Set for Manganese Mining