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1,000 get house offers

CHINGOLA residents have been offered to buy 1,000 former ZCCM-Investment Holding (ZCCM-IH) housing units at a cost of K1,337 per unit.

The houses will be offered to sitting tenants in line with Government’s home empowerment policy.

This came to light when Nchanga member of Parliament Wilbur Simuusa and Chingola town clerk George Mulenga met prospective beneficiaries at Banda Market in Nchanga-North yesterday.

Mr Mulenga told sitting tenants that the Ministry of Lands has since prepared letters of invitation of treaty to 500 of them, while the other 500 letters will be done at a later stage.

He said beneficiaries have been given 90 days in which to pay the required amount in full.

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