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ZCCM plans cement and power investment

Zambia-based ZCCM Investments Holdings is expected to develop a cement plant and 52MW thermal power and Ndola as part of the company’s diversification programme.

ZCCM-IH will team up with private investors for the projects, and it is also collaborating with local and international financial institutions on the financing of the projects, according to local press.

Pius Kasolo, CEO of ZCCM-IH, told journalists on Monday that the power plant will provide 30-35MW of reliable electricity supply to the cement plant, while the remainder will be sold to state-owned power company Zesco.

ZCCM-IH, a shareholder in Ndola Lime, said construction of the cement plant is expected to start by the end of next month. “We are going to invest in the cement plant that will be located near Ndola Lime, and we are going to use the waste material from the Ndola Lime plant to manufacture cement,” the Zambia Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

Source: CemNet

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