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Annual Report Summaries

Lubambe Copper Mines Extract from 2016 Annual Report

Lubambe Copper Mine Limited’s (LCM) financial results for the year ending 31st March 2016 showed revenues of K931 million (US$94.2 million) (2015: K1,071 million (US$164.7 million)) and reported a net loss of K3,810.2 million (US$385.7 million) (2015:K539.2 million (US$78 million) loss). The loss was driven by LCM’s impairment of property, plant and equipment upon revision of the mine plan and a decrease in the short term copper price outlook. An impairment of K1,105.8 million (US$111.94 million) was recognised in the income statement as part of operating expenses.

LCM continued to face operational challenges during the year under review. The major challenge LCM has faced in the recent past has been dilution of concentrates with the effect that production ramp up could not be achieved due to stoppable reserves required not being generated at the rate planned on account of slower than anticipated access development progress and overall rates being below target. Following an extensive ore body stoping design review conducted by SRK Consulting, Lubambe evaluated various slot development methods and equipment requirements with the recommended solution being inverse raise using 3x Sandvik DL411-15 long hole drill rigs.

There were no dividends declared during the year ended 30th June 2015 (2014: nil)

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