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Konkola Copper Mines reopens health facility in Chililabombwe

ver 11,800 residents of Chililabombwe’s Mine Township, the RB and Helen Kaunda settlements will access quality healthcare closer to their homes following the reopening of a Health Centre 4 in the copper mining town.

Commissioning the refurbished facility, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Arts, Esther Banda, who is also Chililabombwe Member of Parliament said the facility would impact positively on the lives of employees and residents.

“The reopening of clinic 4 will increase the number of people benefiting directly from KCM health services to over 70,000 people,” Mrs Banda said. KCM currently operates two major hospitals and 14 clinics in Chililabombwe, Nampundwe, Kitwe and Chingola which provide health care services to over 63,000 people.

Mrs. Banda said the reopening of the health centre was in line with the government policy to bring quality health care closer to communities.

My government is keen on fostering public private partnerships (PPPs) in all areas of development, including health as this is the most robust way of ensuring sustainable development,

Mrs. Banda said.

The Deputy Minister commended KCM for complementing the government’s efforts to provide quality health care to employees and communities around its mining areas.

Speaking at the same function, KCM Chief Executive Officer Steven Din said reopening Health Centre 4 was symbolic of KCM’s continued focus to deliver quality health care to the people in the communities in which it operates.

Mr. Din said KCM would continue to support the health sector as a healthy population was essential for supporting higher production in the mining industry.

I am aware that the government cannot on its own meet the demands for health service delivery. Therefore, the private sector has a major role to play in providing quality health services and KCM will continue to take a lead in this area,

Mr. Din said.

Kangwa Chirwa, a miner’s spouse and mother of two, said the facility would not only improve the healthcare of the community but would ease the burden of people walking more than two kilometres to the nearest health facility.

“I am very happy because I experienced the difficulties of walking long distances to the nearest clinic. It was more difficult when a mother fell ill at the same time as her child. It meant she would not be able to go to the clinic, thereby worsening the illness. But I thank KCM that we now have a clinic close to our homes,” she narrated.

KCM spent k800,000 on the rehabilitation works which included reinforcing the foundation of the building, replacing the roof and ceiling, improving water reticulation and sanitation facilities. Other works were done on the Antenatal, VCT and main consultation rooms. The clinic offers free VCT, under-five clinic and family planning services.

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