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Lubambe Copper Mine sets up fish farm

To empower farmers with a diversified source of income in Chililabombwe, Lubambe Copper Mine has constructed a fish farm with a capacity to stock up 3,000 fingerlings bream, representing a market value of K60.000.

Bream is one of Zambia’s most sought-after fish and is a money-spinner.

Lubambe’s corporate social responsibility manager Joel Bwalya said the mining company partnered with a local farming co-operative in Kasapa village to build the fish farm near Kebumba stream.

According to a latest newsletter on mining in Zambia, an initiative by the Zambia Chambers of Mines, Mr Bwalya said the implementation has proved to be a success and as such the mine intends to build another fish farm.

He said the enterprise is a good source of revenue for most farmers in the area and far exceeds what they would get by selling maize.

“We reckon that this time, we will be able to seed the fish farm with 4,000 fish, and that means a bigger harvest. The villagers are clearly excited by the potential of fish-farming and its ability to help them diversify,” Mr Bwalya said.

He said the fish farm is a partnership between the mine and farmers.

Mr Bwalya is hopeful that fish-farming of this sort will evolve into a fully-fledged business with huge commercial potential for the entire country.

Commenting on the development, Kasapa village headman Langson Pensulo said the fish farm has helped improve the livelihood of the villagers in the area.

Source: Daily Mail

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