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CEC Extract from 2016 Annual Report

The group’s revenue increased from K4, 339.9 million (US$667.2 million) for the year ended 31 March 2015 to K6, 392.5 million (US$647.1 million) for the year ended 31 March 2016. The increase in revenue was driven by the improvement in the average billing efficiency at Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc (AED). The group posted a net loss of K2, 236.3 million (US$226.4 million) (2015: K1, 283.1 million (US$197.3 million). The net losses were driven by provisions for bad debt totalling US$94.5 million and impairment charges on property, plant and equipment of US$86.1 million at AED.

Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc’s (CEC) revenue decreased insignificantly to K2, 875.7 million (US$291.1 million) (2014: K1, 898.6 million (US$291.9 million). Total energy sales to the mines was 2.8% lower at 4,092GWh (2014: 4,208GWh) due to the national energy deficit and the falling prices of copper on the world market, which negatively impacted operations at
the mines.

The net profit for the year was K390.2 million (US$39.5 million) (2014: K218.5 million (US$33.6 million) due to increase in power trading at K236.1 million (US$23.9 million) (2014: K68.3 million (US$10.5 million) through the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) Day Ahead Market. SAPP is the regional organisation of power utilities within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) formed in 1995 and whose aim is to create a competitive regional electricity market for all SADC Member States. Power trading revenue was recorded as part of other income and was not yet classified as a core business activity in the normal course of business.

The CEC share price on the LuSE moved from K 0.63 as at end of March 2015 to K 0.72 at end of March 2016, representing capital gains of 14.29% year-on-year.

For the period under review, CEC paid out a total of K184.5 million (US$16.4 million) (2015: K90 million (US$14 million) in dividend payments. ZCCM-IH’s share was K36.9 million (US$3.28 million) (2015:K18 million).

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