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Annual Report Summaries

Chambishi Metals Extract from 2017 Annual Report

The Company made a profit before tax of K43.42 million (US$4.4 million) (2015: Net loss of K260.83 million
(US$40.1 million) and its current liabilities exceeded its current assets by K2,776.79 million (US$270.6 million) (2015: net current liability position of K1,885.63 million (US$289.9 million). The Company also had a deficit in shareholder funds of K1,232.42 million (US$120.1 million) (2015: Deficit in shareholder funds of K809.80 million (US$124.5 million).

The Eurasian Resources Group has confirmed its intention to continue to provide financial support to the Company to enable it to continue its operations and meet its obligations.

No dividends were paid in 2016 (2015: Nil).

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