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SI on compulsory solar systems installation coming

GOVERNMENT is expected to sign a statutory instrument (SI) to compel shopping malls and housing units being constructed to install solar systems to cushion the power deficit.

Ministry of energy David Mabumba said the SI process will only come into effect upon Cabinet approval.
Mr Mabumba said recently that it is important for the country to change people’s mind-sets on the exploration of alternative sources of energy.

“We will not continue to depend on hydro power once the SI is in effect. All shopping malls and all houses that are going to be constructed in the country will no longer depend on Zesco entirely .When we went to Israel, each house had about three power supplies; gas, solar and hydro-power.

“This is the direction we need to start taking as a country but in Zambia when you talk about gas, the myth that surrounds it immediately is that it will burst,” he said.

He also called on companies to engage Government to put up mini- solar projects in their firms to reduce reliance on Zesco.

Mr Mabumba said Government is restructuring the energy sector to allow it to be competitive and unlock its potential.

He said some of the reforms aimed at restructuring the sector are the tariff adjustment cost of service study which will be concluded by the end of this year and general structuring of electricity sub-sector to make it efficient and address the issue of competition.

Source: Daily Mail

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