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KCM pays ZCCM-IH $100 million

ZCCM-INVESTMENT Holdings (IH) has todate received US$47 million in payments to recover over US$100 million owed by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM). Last year, ZCCM-IH commenced legal proceedings against KCM Plc in the London Courts to recover over US$ 100 million it was owed after the court’s ruling that the latter pays ZCCM-IH.

ZCCM-IH chief executive officer Pius Kasolo said the two organisations which, continue to enjoy a cordial relationship, agreed on a payment plan and has been making payments from January to April.

“KCM paid US$20 million, US$22 million in February US$2.5 million in March and another US$2.5 million in April.

“Subsequent to the judgment ZCCM-IH and KCM agreed on a payment plan favourable for both parties in the interest of the business. KCM has since been making payments as agreed, and I must say we continue to work together as partners,” he said.

Dr Kasolo said ZCCM-IH remains committed to work closely with mining companies as they are partners in the development of the country and is confident about the fundamentals of the mining industry in general and those of copper.

“Overall, we will continue to grow our portfolio beyond mining and will further increase our foothold in the energy sector, agriculture sector and real estate so that the company continues to maximise shareholder value.

“We are focused on driving sustainable long-term growth and value creation in our investment portfolio,” Dr Kasolo said.

Source: Daily Mail

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