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ZCCM-IH seeks new strategic partnerships

London, UK – ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc (ZCCM-IH) Chief Executive Officer Dr Pius Kasolo says the Company’s adoption of a multi-commodity approach is an important part of its resilience in light of the cyclical nature of commodities.

Dr Kasolo noted that this approach presents ZCCM-IH as an investment gateway not only into Zambia’s mining sector, but into other sectors as well.

He was speaking during the annual 2017 Zambia Mining Investment Conference in London on 25 April 2017.

We will continue to grow our portfolio beyond mining and will further increase our foothold in the energy sector, agriculture sector and real estate so that the company continues to maximize shareholder value”, said Dr Kasolo.

While presenting investment opportunities that ZCCM-IH has for potential strategic partners, particularly in energy, and oil and gas exploration, Dr Kasolo highlighted that the goal is to tap into new sources of consistent and stable income while reducing the risk profile of the Company’s portfolio, which currently has an exposure of more than 90% to copper.

He concluded by reiterating ZCCM-IH’s commitment to contribute to the industrialization of Zambia through new investments.

The Zambia Mining Investment Conference was this year mainly sponsored by ZCCM-IH.

The conference is a high level mining conference that looks at the state of the mining industry, and to promote the Zambian mining sector presenting opportunities and potential growth prospects for both investors and mining companies.

A mix of about 100 delegates from mining companies, investors, lenders, resource funds, Analysts, Investment Banks, various professional services organisations and consultants in the mining sector attended the conference.

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