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Zambia sees 2017 copper output rising up to 850,000 tonnes

LUSAKA (Reuters) – Zambia’s 2017 copper output is expected to increase to between 800,000 and 850,000 tonnes due to stable power supply and higher copper prices from 774,290 tonnes in last year, mines minister Christopher Yaluma said on Thursday.

Zambia’s copper production is next year likely to increase further to reach 1 million tonnes, Yaluma said, citing improved power generation and higher prices.

“As we see it right now there is a good picture. We have sufficient power and the price has gone up. With the new trends, we have projected at least 800-850,000 tonne this year and next year will manage to hit a million,” Yaluma said.

Zambia in September estimated copper production to inch lower to 753,992 tonnes this year mainly due to lower output from Konkola Copper Mines, a subsidiary of London-listed Vedanta Resource.

Source: Lusaka Times

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