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CNMC Luanshya Copper Mine to pump US$13 million to reopen Baluba Mine

China Nonferrous Mining Corporation Luanshya Copper Mine says US$ 13 million will be pumped into the reopening of Baluba mine.

CNMC Luanshya Copper Mine Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Wang Jingjun said the firm was looking forward to reopen Baluba mine this year after the increase in copper prices on the international market.

Mr. Wang has stated that the reopening of Baluba mine will be enhanced by concerted efforts with the government and the community of Luanshya town.

He has appealed to members of the public to take time to understand and appreciate the challenges the mining company was facing such us increment in the price of sulphuric acid, electricity tariffs by Copperbelt Energy Corporation and paying back of the loan especially now that the operations of Baluba mine were about to resume.

And Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda is happy with china nonferrous Mining Corporation, Luanshya copper mine’s plans to reopen Baluba mine in 2018.

Speaking during a meeting with CNMC Luanshya Copper Mine Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Wang Jingjun held at the Mine’s Head Office in Luanshya on Thursday, Mr. Chanda has called on CNMC Luanshya copper mines to support local suppliers and contractors once Baluba opens.

Mr Chanda also urged the mine to employ as many local people as possible in the Baluba mine workforce and first consider all those who are on forced leave and those who may had left on voluntary separation scheme.

Source: Lusaka Times

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