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ZCCM IH holding to show it is a a significant player and investment gateway in Zambia’s mining

ZCCM Investments Holdings Board Chairperson Eric Silwamba says it is important for the company to continue marketing and positioning itself internationally, as a significant player and investment gateway in Zambia’s mining and energy industries.

Speaking on the sidelines at the ongoing Mines and Money Conference and Exhibition in London, Mr. Silwamba said Zambia is competing with other countries for potential investors in the mining sector.

He noted that if the Company wants investors for its Greenfield projects, it needs to be aggressive in its approach, and such an event presents a viable platform to link up with investors.

“We want to see sustainable growth in ZCCM-IH through new investments especially in the mining and related sectors. And so far, I am impressed with the level of interest from investors looking for investment opportunities in Zambia. We have had interesting conversations with a number of potential partners and financiers at this conference so far”, added Mr. Silwamba.

And ZCCM-IH Chief Executive Officer Dr. Pius Kasolo has expressed confidence in the fundamentals and a positive future outlook for the mining industry, particularly copper, adding that Zambia still remains a favorable investment destination.

Speaking during the Mining Spotlight presentation session, Dr. Kasolo said ZCCM-IH is strategically positioned as a diversified principal stakeholder and investment vehicle in Zambia’s mining and energy sectors.

He added that London remains a strategic market for the Company as ZCCM-IH is listed on the London Stock Exchange, apart from the primary listing on the Lusaka Securities Exchange.

The 16th Annual Mines and Money London which opened on Monday 26 November 2018 is London’s premier show and has long been Europe’s largest, most renowned convention where mining and investment professionals come to do business, from all over the world.

The exhibition which comes to an end on tomorrow 29 November 2018 is hosting hundreds of companies including ZCCM-IH, and convening thousands of mining investors, financiers, brokers and advisers from more than 75 different countries.

Source: Lusaka Times

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