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Maamba Collieries Intensifies COVID – 19 Safety Measures

Maamba Collieries Ltd (MCL), the largest thermal power producer in Zambia has scaled-up efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, by implementing stringent preventive safety measures.

Maamba Collieries Manager Yotham Phiri said MCL is treating the global pandemic with utmost seriousness, and taking all measures to ensure the health and safety of its staff, while also sensitising the community.

“We are alive to the gravity of the situation and are taking every possible precaution to prevent the COVID-19 infecting our people. Measures we have implemented include daily fumigation of all MCL buildings, equipment and vehicles to minimise contamination, as well as stopping all visitors. Our safety team is working hard to ensure every entry point to the mine and all buildings have sanitising equipment for our staff to use.” He said

And HR and Administration Manager Bwali Ndau highlighted measures to minimise person-to-person contact and ensuring social distancing and personal hygiene have been put in place.

In a statement made available to the Zamvian Business Times – ZBT on April 7, 2020 MCL has advised all employees who had travelled abroad on vacation, not to return to Zambia or if they return, to adhere to strict health guidelines and has stopped non-essential travel within the country, until the situation returns to normal.

MCL interventions against COVID-19 have also extended to the sensitisation of the local community, special sessions for school children on hygiene, helping the community with materials to ensure hygiene, as well as donating a critical care ventilator for treatment of infected personnel.

Meanwhile, in support of the request of the Sinazongwe Council, MCL has donated the much-need materials for the COVID-19 Isolation Site – including N95 masks, disposable overalls, gumboots, gloves as well as hand-washing facilities and personal hygiene items including liquid hand wash soap, detergent and much-needed fuel for vehicles.

Maamba Collieries is a key player in Zambia’s energy sector feeding 300MW into the national grid. Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, MCL has ensured it remains at the forefront in the fight against the deadly virus in the country, through a strong demonstration of commitment to stringent safet

Source: Zambian Busines Times

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