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The Mineworkers Union of Zambia -MUZ- has demanded that Mopani Copper Mines plc cancels all letters given to miners when they placed the mine on care and maintenance as the mine owners seek dialogue with government.

MUZ President Joseph Chewe has told ZNBC News in Kitwe that Glencore, the owners of Mopani Copper Mines have engaged President Edgar Lungu seeking dialogue in view of the happenings at the mine.

Mr. Chewe has also demanded that Mopani Copper Mines apologizes to all miners who received letters.

He said the petition sent to President Edgar Lungu by mine unions when they held a peaceful protest demanding the restoration of all workers or have Mopani Copper Mines license revoked has been received.

Mr. Chewe stated that from the dialogue, mine unions want all workers to get back to work and that Mopani Copper Mines be given strict conditions that will stop them from engaging in activities that put workers’ jobs at risk.

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