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Gold Mining Commences in Rufunsa

Consolidated Gold Company Ltd Commences Phase One Of The Gold Processing Project In Rufunsa.

The Phase involves ten (10) gold milling plants with a processing capacity of 30 tonnes of ore per day, and a targeted average of 7.5 kilograms gold production per month.
The next stage of the Phase is also underway which involves the setting up of the gold vat leaching plant in Rufunsa. The plant is aimed at chemically processing the gold stock piles from two old gold mines, and concentrates from the gold milling plants.

The vat leaching plant which is scheduled to be completed by June 2020 will have a processing capacity of 8,000 tonnes of ore material per leach, and a targeted gold production of 17.5 kilograms per month.

The total targeted gold production envisaged is 25 kilograms per month from both the milling and the vat leaching plants.
A total of approximately $3.15 million has been injected in these two production lines, following the successful completion and launch of a gold laboratory set at a total cost of $250,000 in Lusaka in March 2020.

A total of approximately $3.5 million will be spent on the Rufunsa project.


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