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Mines Minister urges Youth to take advantage and invest in Mineral Resources

Mines Minister Richard Musukwa has called on the young people to take advantage of the Kalumbila Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd and invest in Mineral Resources in order to reduce Youth Unemployment and provide livelihoods to local people in the country.

Mr Musukwa says Youths must consider having Hundred Percent (100%) shares in Mines so that the Mining Sector can start being dominated by local people.

The Minister has further encouraged Youths to participate in legal exploitation of Minerals in order to create Jobs , Empowerment and Contribute to the country’s GDP which will lead to a favorable GNP as the profits will remain in Zambia.

The Minister said, “if we have Mines owned by Zambians it means that the proceeds in terms of the Sales and operations will be fully zambian and will not be externalized and will be a plus to us” , He said such ventures when embarked upon will be supported.

He said mining remains Zambia’s comparative advantage in terms of its Economic Tragectory and we need to ensure that this resource is vested in the hands of Zambian Nationals using Legally Approved means not illegal means.

Hon Musukwa further said the Processes of License acquisition are streamlined, Open and Transparent and that Youths are encouraged to participate in Mining however only through Legal exploitation the mineral resources as this will lead to job creation, Empowerment and a significant contribution to the National Treasury.

Meanwhile, the Kalumbila Cooperative Society Chairman General, Mr Kennedy Mambwe has disclosed that the Cooperative will empower Students, Civil servants, Musicians and every Zambian.And Mr Mambwe has stated that women will be able to able to participate in mining through buying of Shares.

Mr Mambwe has disclosed that H.E the President of the Republic of Zambia has agreed to giving a mine to the musicians, civil servants and Students . He has further stated that disbursement of forms is starting this week around the Civil service so that civil servants can come on board to buy shares.


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