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KCM Warns Of Caving In Of Ground At Nchanga Open Pit

Konkola Copper Mines has called for safety precautions among employees and residents who live near its Nchanga Open Pit mine as assessments have indicated that there will be a possible caving in of ground in the area.

“Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) wishes to inform members of the Public and the community of the Nchanga North (Buyantanshi Township, Buntungwa ward) in particular that the company has detected tension cracks, which have caused slope instability at the Nchanga Open Pit (Cut 2) mining area. Konkola Copper Mines’ geotechnical assessments have indicated that cracks will cause a slough (caving-in of ground), which could occur as early as 1 st July 2020. KCM technical assessments indicate that there will be no risk of ground instability to households on the perimeter of the mining area,” KCM has stated.

“As a safety precaution residents of the area are advised not to stray into the Nchanga Open Pit (Cut 2) mining area for their own safety.”

It stated that Zambia Police and KCM Security Personnel have been deployed to patrol the exclusion area.

“KCM is taking all necessary measures to safeguard the lives of employees and members of the community, as well as company, public and private property,” it stated.


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