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Tender Cancellation – Supply Delivery and Installation of Various ICT Requirements

Cancellation of Tender for Supply, Delivery, Installation of Various ICT Requirements to ZCCM-IH
ONB No.: ZCCM-IH/130/2020 (Tender No. 115/2020 on the e-GP System)

  1. This serves to inform all Prospective Bidders on the Cancellation of the Tender for the Supply, Delivery, Installation of Various ICT Requirements to ZCCM-IH; Contract No.: ZCCM-IH/130/2020 (115/2020 on the e-GP System).
  2. In accordance with the Public Procurement Regulations (PPR No.63 of 2011) Section 24 Sub Section 1, (A procuring entity shall avoid the cancellation of procurement proceedings whenever possible, but cancellation may be approved by the approvals authority where:(c) There is a significant change in the required technical details, Bidding Conditions, conditions of the contract or other details, such that the recommencement of the procurement proceedings is necessary and (f) it is otherwise in the Public Interest. This is as a result of failure to revise the Tender closing date on the e-GP system Tender Structure, from the 4th January 2021 to 18th January 2021 as per Tender Clarification published by the Procuring Entity on the 28th December 2020.
  3. Kindly note that a Retender will be uploaded on the ZPPA e-GP System in due course.

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