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Chingola Constituency endorses President Lungu

The Patriotic Front in Chingola Constituency has endorsed the candidature of President Edgar Lungu as the sole Presidential candidate for PF this year.

The PF executive has equally endorsed Chingola Member of Parliament (MP) Matthew Nkhuwa as their preferred parliamentary candidate for Chingola in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

Meanwhile, th PF has congratulated ZCCM-IH and Provisional Liquidator Milingo Lungu for wining the court case against Vedanta Mineral Resources.

Speaking at Chikola Secondary School yesterday, Chingola Constituency Chairperson Francis Chileshe said the constituency has endorsed President Lungu because of the numerous infrastructure developmental projects in Chingola.


Mr Chileshe said that Chingola roads were an eyesore but President Lungu working with Mr Nkhuwa had transformed the face of the town.

He said the cost of doing business for motorists and travel time for residents has reduced because of the perfect road netowrk spearheaded by President Lungu and his Member of Parliament Mr Nkhuwa.

He said all the wards in the Constituency had endorsed the President Lungu and Mr Nkhuwa because they have seen the hardwork and want to see continuity of development.

And Mr Chileshe said Mr Nkhuwa has worked well in his constituency and derseves another term for the continuity of development.

He said Mr Nkhuwa has delivered various projects among school infrastructure, maternity annex, police posts and various empowerment projects.

He reiterated that no Member of Parliament of Chingola Constituency has delivered like Mr Nkhuwa in his first term.

He has urged the member of his Constituency to be peaceful and unite as one in order to return the Presidency and the parliamentary seat.

Mr Chileshe said Chingola Constituency is politically intact as evidenced by the turnout.

Out of the 79 leaders in the Constituency from all the wards, 76 were present.

Regarding, the take over of KCM by ZCCM-IH, Mr Chileshe said the President had delivered to the people of Chingola and the miners what many cries for for a long time.

He said the take over means Zambians will be working freely without intimidating.

Mr Chileshe thanked the PF district leaders who were in attendance for support the constuency in organising the event.


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