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Euronext Sanctioning Lifted

Effective 09th November 2022, the Paris Euronext Access Stock Exchange lifted the sanctioning placed on ZCCM-IH shares on 04th October 2022 in which it transferred the Company’s listed shares to the Penalty bench/non-compliant issuers for breach of the requirements related to publication of financial statements by or before 30 June.

The lifting of the sanction follows the issuance of company provisional accounts for 2021 by ZCCM-IH on 28 October 2022 in compliance with the requirements of the Euronext Access rules.

In a statement released to the market and to ZCCM-IH, the Euronext Stock Market states that “due to the measures taken by the company to comply with the requirements of paragraph 3 of the Euronext Access rules, the shares of the company ZAMBIA CONSOL.COPPER MINES LTD will be transferred out of the trading group 32 ACCESS-SHARES-Penalty bench/Non-Compliant issuers on November 09, 2022”.

Going forward, ZCCM-IH has put in place measures (which include early commencement of group audit) to issue financial statements within regulatory requirements.

Source: 2022 ZCCM-IH Press Release – Euronext Sanctioning Breach Lifted

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