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Kansanshi Mining Plc Extract from 2020 Annual Report

Kansanshi Mining reported annual production of 221,488 tonnes of copper (2019: 232,000 tonnes). There was a reduction in total production volumes but also a decline in the copper ore grades from 0.89% in the previous reporting period to 0.99% currently. A total of 128,408 ounces of gold was produced.  

However, despite the reduction in production volumes, total revenue for the year increased to ZMW28,758.45 million (US$1,543.64 million) from ZMW15, 438.19 million (US$1,159 million) reported for the period ended 31 December 2019 due to increased price of copper during the year. The net profit also increased to ZMW4,274.67 million (US$229.45 million) from ZMW1,082.29 million (US$81.2 million) recorded as at 31 December 2019.  

The decline in total production from the previous period was offset by relatively higher realised metal prices which ensured that total revenue over the two periods remained largely flat. The notable increase in net profit was largely driven by an adjustment (write-back) for VAT receivable from ZRA.  

Dividends declared and paid during the year amounted to ZMW48.65 million (US$2.3 million) [(31 December 2019: ZMW131.15 million) (US$9.4 million)]. 

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