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Work with locals, ZCCM-IH urged

ZCCM-IH has been encouraged to work with artisanal miners to quarry for gold in secured areas to empower locals, a mining expert has said.

Mr Edward Simukonda said it was imperative that ZCCM-IH works with locals to mine gold to stop the continued illegal mining which is denying Zambians to benefit from the resource.

Mr Simukonda said delays were abetting illegal gold mining and foreigners rapidly taking advantage of the resource.

He said in an interview yesterday, it was prudent for ZCCM-IH to move in as quickly as possible before the mineral was depleted.

Mr Simukonda said revelations by North-Western Province Minister, Nathaniel Mubukwanu, and Mwinilunga District Commissioner, Arnot Mapulanga,that foreigners had invaded Kasenseli and new discovered gold areas was evidence enough that the mineral was being depleted.

This lucrative mineral is supposed to be mined in a transparent manner so that Zambians can benefit, he said.

Mr Simukonda said if the mineral continued to be exploited illegally and smuggled out of the country, then the nation would be denied much needed revenue.

“What is really happening in these gold mining areas is very worrying and cannot be overlooked. This must draw serious attention of ZCCM-IH because by the time they will be moving in, they will find that most of this mineral is taken.

“Our aim as a country must be the issue of safeguarding this lucrative mineral because it is our hope to improve the wellbeing of the country,” he said.

Mr Simukonda said seriousness was needed in ensuring that the mineral was properly mined.


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