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PARAMILITARIES from Lilayi Police College have been deployed to Kasenseli and newly discovered gold sites in Mwinilunga to beef up security, Mwinilunga District Commissioner Arnot Mapulanga has said.

Mr Mapulanga said the paramilitaries had been deployed to intensify security with the police officers from Kanfinsa who were earlier deployed in the area.

“There is some paramilitaries who have just come, so we are hoping that they do a good job to remove all the foreign illegal miners who have been hiding in the bush.

“We had mobile security officers from Kanfinsa and now we have paramilitaries from Lilayi who have come to beef up the team. So we shall ensure that all these foreigners who are stealing from Zambians are removed,” Mr Mapulanga said.

He said in an interview yesterday, Government had deployed more security officers.

“This time around with this beef up of the security officers we shall be able to remove all foreign illegal miners who are illegally exploiting the mineral,” Mr Mapulanga said.

He said that he would not relent until people who had taken advantage of the absence of the ZCCM-IH which was legal licence holder, are kept in check.

Mr Mapulanga said the government was on firm ground to ensure that the strategic resource was mined in a well-structured manner.  – DN


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