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SP ZCCM Abridged 2020-2026

Executive Summary


Our vision for the next six years is to transform ZCCM-IH into a competitive world-class mining investment holding company that takes into account the interests of Zambians and all stakeholders. The focus for ZCCM-IH in this new strategic plan is directed to mining and mining-related investments and emphasizes the need for ZCCM-IH to drive the development and growth of the mining sector in Zambia.

This new strategic plan continues to reinforce our collective values to operate in a business environment where innovation is cultivated and ensures that our systems and resources are strong enough to be a much bigger player in mining investment. We have revised our Vision to challenge ourselves to excel in ensuring high-quality investments (with a significant socio-economic impact. Over the past two years of implementing our 2018-2023 strategic plan, we made some notable achievements which include the following:

1. Consistent dividend pay-outs to shareholders;
2. Portfolio Return above the set benchmark;
3. Increased shareholding in CEC Plc;
4. Diversified into Manganese exploration and mining through Kabundi Resources Ltd;
5. Increased to 100% shareholding in Kariba Minerals Limited;
6. Recapitalisation of Investrust Bank Plc through the injection of ZMW286 million as Tier 1 Capital;
7. Began implementation of the mandate to develop the gold sub-sector in the country;
8. Commenced discussions with our partners in the mining companies for the introduction of a more reliable and predictable revenue stream in form of royalties, metal streams, and management fees; and,
9. Implementation of a new performance management system.

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