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Statement from ZCCM IH CEO on the new strategic direction of the investment company

We have developed the ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc (ZCCM-IH) new Strategic Plan 2020-2026 to pursue a mining focused investment strategy that is premised on growth and innovation, with a clear intent to drive the company to investment optimisation and financial excellence. This new strategic plan (the”2020-2026 Strategic Plan” or the “Strategic Plan”) has been motivated by the need for ZCCM-IH to re-focus its investments in mining and the mining value chain.

We have refined the previous sixteen Strategic Goals into four Goals that underpin the company’s strategic impetus, which are to:

1. Extract, and where possible, to add value to our current portfolio;
2. Investment in greenfield and brownfield mining, and mining related ventures across a diverse range of minerals:
i. Commodity diversification to include cobalt, gold, manganese and other base metals, gemstones, limestone, phosphate and rare earth minerals;
ii. Value addition downstream and exploration upstream: and
iii. Energy – to support sustainability of mining operations.

3. Achieve operational and financial excellence; and

4. Generate greater shareholder value by ensuring price discovery on our stock exchange listings.

CEO ZCCM IH Mabvuto Chipata flanked by his team who will be critical in executing the new strategy

In pursuit of our ultimate goal to create a world class investment holding company in Zambia and beyond, I urge all ZCCM-IH staff to play their role in fully implementing this strategic plan.


Mr Mabvuto T. Chipata
Chief Executive Officer

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