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THE Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH) is set to set up a US$6 million large-scale mining project.

The mining project is to be undertaken in Kapiri Mposhi and local authorities there have approved of the establishment of the Zinc mine earmarked to create over 4,000 direct job opportunities.

This follows conclusion and dissemination of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) by Misenge Environmental Technical Services (METS) to determine the potential positive and negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of the mining project.

ZCCM-IH PLC has been carrying out exploration works on its large scale license number 13871-HQ-LEL around the old Carmanor Mine area in Mpunde Ward of Kapiri Mposhi since 2009.

During a public disclosure meeting to disseminate the ESIA findings, METS Environmental Services Officer, Josphat Konnie explained that ZCCM-IH PLC will operate a sustainable mechanized Open Pit mine and will process Zinc Ore up to concentrate stage.

Mr Konnie said the mine with an estimated ten year lifespan and output of 4000 tonnes of Zinc per annum will employ the wet process metallurgy method in which the valuable contents of the mineral ore are dissolved by acid or other solvents to extract the desired mineral.

“Zinc is usually a combination of Zinc, itself, and lead, but our focus is Zinc extraction which is environmentally friendly unlike lead. This Zinc will be processed up to concentrate stage,” Mr Kabwe said

And METS Environmental and Relations Officer Joseph Kabwe explained that ZCCM-IH PLC will also take into consideration the social impact the project would have on the local community.

Kapiri Mposhi Ward Development Committee Chairman, Christopher Banda noted that the venture has potential to turn around the development and economic fortunes of the district.

“We want you to prioritize employment of the locals before you look outside the District, We have seen investors come like this with a lot of good promises but change when they get on the ground we hope you will be different,” Mr Banda said.


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