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15th December 2021, Lusaka, Zambia – ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc’s (“ZCCM-IH” or the “Company”) majority shareholder, the Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (IDC) has appointed the Company’s new Board Chairperson Ms. Dolika E. S. Banda and three other Board Directors namely Mr. Gregory C. Kabwe, currently serving as Director – Investment and Debt Management under the Ministry of Finance and National Planning; Mr. Moses S. Nyirenda, the Director – Human Resource and Administration at the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development; and Bishop John H. Mambo who has served in various capacities in the private and public sectors.

Ms. Dolika Banda an investment and financial expert is the first female Board Chairperson to head ZCCM-IH, with a wealth of over 36 years of experience from various local and international organisations across the globe.

Commenting on her appointment, Ms. Banda says she is honoured to be awarded an opportunity to serve the country through this position. “I do not underestimate the challenges that lie ahead – yet therein lies the opportunity. Working together for a common goal, as I know we will do, I see a ZCCM-IH that will fly high, just as the eagle on our flag soars against all odds” she adds.
Ms. Banda further states that her aspiration for ZCCM-IH is “to see a ZCCM-IH Group that claims and earns its rightful status as the engine and driver of a new, transformational, solutions-driven and inclusive economy – underpinned by awareness of the global issues of today and good governance”. She underscores that success will be that the intrinsic value of the ZCCM-IH Group will be reflected in its relevance, healthy relationships with its strategic partners, and ultimately, in its global market price.
Ms. Banda has assured ZCCM-IH shareholders that she will endeavor to lead the Board such that the decisions will always be in the best interest of the Company. She further states that despite the many challenges faced by the Company in the past “there is now a wave of a positive confluence of key influencing factors such as political goodwill, coupled with international confidence, shareholder optimism and patience, and positive demographic dynamics” to spur the Company to growth.
ZCCM-IH now has a fully constituted eight-member Board including Directors representing NAPSA, the minority shareholders, and the IDC.

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Download the Full press release here: Statement on new ZCCM-IH Board Chairperson and Board Members

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