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Annual Report Summaries, Investee Companies

Kariba Minerals Limited (KML) Extract from 2022 Annual Report

For the year ended 31st December 2022, Kariba Minerals Limited (KML) reported total revenues of ZMW23.04 million (2021: ZMW26.12 million) with a net loss of ZMW5.19 million (2021: ZMW7.4 million net profit).  

During the period under review, KML produced a total of 1,503.58 tonnes of amethyst which comprised of 327 tonnes medium and high grade, and 1,175.76 tonnes commercial grade (2021: 1,044.70 tonnes – 306 tonnes medium and high grade, and 837.88 tonnes commercial grade.)  

The retail store at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport was completed during the year. The Company has prepared a turnaround plan that is envisaged to tackle some of the bottlenecks in mining, production, process and marketing thereby transforming the company from loss making to profit making.  

There were no dividends declared during the financial year under review (2021: Nil).  

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