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Archived Tenders, ZCCM-IH


The Procurement Committee has authorized the award of the contract for the procurement requirement to the “best-evaluated bidder” as detailed below.

It is the intention of the Procuring Entity to place a contract with the named bidder after ten (10) working days from the date of display given below.

Procurement Reference Number ZCCM-IH/075/2022
Procurement Description Printing of AGM Packs Comprising of Annual Reports, and Booklets Containing Notices and agenda.
Method of Procurement Open National Bidding (ONB)
Lot Awarded Lot No. I – Printing of 5,600 Copies of 2022 Annual Reports and subsequent 2023 Annual Reports Lot No. 2 – Printing of 5,600 Copies of 2022 AGM Packs Containing Notices, Agenda, Minutes, Attendance list and form of proxy – 30 pages self – cover on gloss 150 grams and subsequent 2023 AGM Packs.
Name of the Best Evaluated Bidder Retro International Zambia New Horizon Printing Press
Address of the Best Evaluated Bidder Retro International Zambia, Plot No. 6282, Mapepe Road, P.O. Box 32167 Lusaka, Zambia New Horizon Printing Press, Plot No. LUS/9815/H – Kafue Road, P.O Box 38871, Lusaka, Zambia
Proposed Contract Price ZMW276,080.00 VAT Incl. ZMW97,440.00 VAT Incl.
Date notification issued Thursday, 27th October 2022
Date of end of notification Wednesday, 9th November 2022

Kindly note that this Notice does not constitute an award of contract to the bidder mentioned above. Bid acceptance and contract placement shall be in accordance with Part X of the Public Procurement Regulations.

Bidders have the right to appeal against the proposed award in accordance with Section 70 of the Public Procurement Act and Section 170 to 172 of the Regulations, provided the appeal is made within ten (10) days of the date of this notice

Read the full document here: NOTICE_OF_BEST_EVALUATED_BIDDER – PRINTING OF ANNUA REPORTS – Final – KDK – Daily

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